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About Smart Suggestor

Smart Suggestor was created by Think Tank Labs LLC. At Think Tank Labs we create cool online products that help users get more out of the Internet.

With Smart Suggestor, we set out to create a browser extension that changes the way people use search engines. We’re really excited about the final product, and we plan to work hard to make Smart Suggestor even better as time goes on!

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Smart Suggestor is a widget that will suggest additional search terms to improve your search experience on selected search engines. Smart Suggestor does not require registration and never requires a credit card or any type of payment to use the software.

Smart Suggestor does not serve pop-up ads.

Smart Suggestor may track Search Terms you enter to suggest related web sites but will only keep the records for a maximum of 2 hours before the log files are rotated and previous results are deleted.

Ads served by Smart Suggestor will always show the Smart Suggestor brand and the question marks on the ads will be clickable.

The frequency of the ads shown will be in relation to the number of times you search, each time you search on the search engine, the ads are displayed.

Specifically, the Software will provide you with recommendations of related search terms and will display as many as 3 advertisements in the form of text links when you conduct a search on various search engines.

Smart Suggestor software is not Spyware or Malware and will not hurt any PC.

Smart Suggestor software does not collect any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Smart Suggestor has an easy to find Privacy Policy, just Click Here.

Smart Suggestor has easy to find Terms and Conditions, just Click Here.

Smart Suggestor is McAfee certified and secure to maintain that it's 100% Spyware and Malware Free.

Installation & Upfront Disclosure - Smart Suggestor makes installation clear and easy to understand.

Smart Suggestor install process is 100% opt-in.

Smart Suggestor download has no silent or forced installs.

All files in the software download include the Smart Suggestor name.

Smart Suggestor has a Settings Menu where users can disable any feature or disable the whole product from the Browser extensions menus in Firefox and Chrome and from a clickable button on the Internet Explorer browser. The product can be removed completely from Add/Remove programs in Internet Explorer.

Smart Suggestor software removal can be performed manually anytime, just Click Here.

Add/Remove Smart Suggestor software instructions are easy to find, just Click Here.

All Smart Suggestor ads are branded and include direct links to the Settings Menu and this About Us page.

All Smart Suggestor files are removed upon uninstall.

No apps are installed or software is left behind when Smart Suggestor software is removed.

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If you have any questions or comments please email us or click on the support link.